Now You Can Learn How To Achieve Head High Kicks From Home With Precision and Speed
Throwing Kicks You Could Only Dream of Before, Landing Strike After Strike Exactly Where You Want Them To Land, As Efficient as Clockwork...
And If you're Like Most Martial Artists Over 30... Removing Restriction and Tightness For Good! Impossible? Not If You believe What Dozens Of Martial Artists Over 35 Are Saying...
Dear Fellow Fighter, If You've ever wanted to throw Head-High Kicks without restriction or tightness, Making your Sparring Partners hesitant to come near you,
Whilst Landing Accurate Kicks with Breakneck Speed, This will be the most important message you ever read...

My Name's Luke Thomas...

...And I'm the creator of the Flexibility For Fighters System After Teaching Over 1000+ Students, Developing Over 15 Amateur National Champions, AND Winning 2 Amateur British Championships with No coach....
...I saw time and time again so many Men between over 35 That had recently 'Rediscovered their love for martial arts' But Their Flexibility and Mobility stopped them reaching their full potential!
Some days the could kick to the ribs... ...Other days they could only kick to the hips They had NO Consistency At All!..
Even after stretching for over an hour every day With no way to tell which stretches and mobility routines were working and helping them Only for their coach to tell them they needed to 'stretch more'

Fortunately for them, I had already spent 3+ Years Testing over 300 Different Mobility and Flexibility Routines, Every God-damn day of my life!

And After Reading Dozens of Peer Received Articles and Academic Studies (See Below) I Had Finally Developed A system For Martial Artists Over 35 That Would Change Their Striking Forever
  • Their Round Kick Height Had Increased By up to 300% (And You should've seen the look of fear in their sparring partners eyes when amazement)

  • They Saw Speed in Their kicks they hadn't seen since Their Late-teens! (Although they could raise a kick up before, now they could command every motion throughout their strike)

  • They Gained Accuracy That Caused Them To Consistently Land Every Time They Saw An Opening (No Longer would they stand and hesitate - worrying that they would be too slow or stiff)

  • Plus Incredibly...

Their Entire Striking Arsenal Saw An Incredible Transformation In Less Than 30 Days!

And it just gets better! Their stiffness faded forever, the fear of not being able to fire off quick kicks vanished, and their entire training experience become Exponentially Easier!
What I've included in the flexibility for fighters programme has almost nothing to do with me, And everything to with the science of stretching that I've learned over the years. I call it the 'strength to stretch methodology'
And I got the Idea from Training with some of the best Coaches And Fighters In The world - Including a A 70 year Old, Japanese Karate Master, who can rest into a middle splits with ease, and a 7th Dan Kickboxing instructor Who Has Trained Over 15 World-Champions
I was So Nervous. Stood In a Small, Dimly Lit Church Hall In a Small Village, Waiting For Sakagami To Walk In.
Finally - I was about to meet one of the original founders of Wado Ryu Karate In Europe.
He Entered through the Large, murky-grey double doors. Waddled Past Me, Straight legged without a single bend in the knee. Like His Hips Had Seized Up Long Ago ‘It’ Was Going to be a long 6 hours’. I thought

Until He Stood In The Centre Of The Dojo And Dropped Into A Middle Splits Like It Was No-ones Business!

It Got Me Thinking...
If a 70 year old man can relax into a middle splits, Throw lightning fast l head kicks with no warm up? Surely Anyone Can Do It!
So After reviewing dozens of Scientific Studies on Mobility And Flexibility, Testing a hundreds of different flexibility, mobility, and join-strengthening routines It finally made sense...

It's Not 'Flexibility' That's stopping your from head kicks...It's the lack of Strength In the Joints You use To Head Kick!

It's because You lack Strength in the Muscles and Joints Needed to Head Kick. Which I'll explain more on later, that you're not able to throw the kicks you so-rightly-deserve!
By Focusing on Strengthening The Joints And Ligaments That Allow You to Elevate Your Leg, You'll be able to supercharge your High Kick Because - Once You Gain Strength in a certain position, You Also Gain The Mobility And Range Of Motion To Stay There

The Flexibility For Fighters System I've Developed Is So Simple, Yet so crushingly powerful, that you'll not only gain height on your kick, You'll also gain speed, power and accuracy

How Can This Flexibility For Fighters System Do all this for you? Easy.. because this new system...

Builds Strength and Stability In The Muscles And Joints Used To Throw Fast, Accurate, Powerful Head Kicks. Which In Turn, Grants You The Range Of Motion as a 'Byproduct' Of Your New Found Strength!

Anyway, there's a really good reason I'm telling you this. For years people believed the only way to increase kicking height was to 'stretch more' And this simple system has you working for just 15 minutes per day!
For a System So Powerful, It would only make sense that the price reflects the true value. What would that look like to you? $2000? £1500? $1000? That is, if you manage to get your hands on one of only 20 Spaces we offer per week. This is perhaps

The Greatest Results Driven Head Kick programme To Ever Exist

Packed Into this Amazing Programme is 30 unique, personal Videos, All hand Delivered to Your Inbox Every Single Day For The Next 30 Days.

Nothing Has Been Left Out.. 30 Incredibly Unique And Bespoke Videos That Cover Every Single Area Of Flexibility And mobility For Fighters,
All efficiently and instantly present in one online platform where you can download and keep 100% Of these videos forever. You'll gain over 100 Unique, bespoke routines covering every limb in your body for enhanced speed, precision and movement in your strikes. Plus, You'll discover...
  • How To Achieve Fast, Powerful, Head High Kicks Without Restriction Or Tightness In As Little As 30 Days...With Over 120 Unique Flexibility And mobility Routines

  • ​The Simple (But Challenging) Functional Kicking Strength System Designed To Enhance Your Kicking Power...Using Just One Everyday Household Object

  • ​How You Can Achieve A Bullet-proof Balance when Kicking... By Strengthening Your Stabilisation Muscles, In just 15 Minutes Per Day

  • ​The One Simple Routine To Unlock Your Hips For Good...In Just 15 Minutes, And Why Most Fighters See A Significant Increase in Kicking Height in as little as 2 Days

  • The #1 Mistake 99% Of Fighters Make When Trying to Increase Kicking Height...And How to Remove 99% Of Stretches From Your Routine And Still Get Breathtaking High Kicks

  • How To Achieve Head High Kicks In The Quickest Time Possible...With No Equipment, In Just 15 Minutes Per Day From home

  • ​How To Avoid The 'Time Trap' Of Stretching For Hours Per Day...I Show You The Very Best Routines For Your Level So You Don't Have to Waste Precious Hours

  • ​Exactly What Exercises to Do For Each Kick To Improve Their Speed, Accuracy And Power...So You'll Get Repeatable Result Every Time You Train

  • Which Parts of Your Body Are Holding You Back From Developing Deadly Kicks...Even If You've Recently Started Training

  • ​How To Train The 'Neglected' parts Of Your Body That Rapidly Improve Kicking And Punching Speed...Guaranteed To Give You A better Overall Training Experience

  • How To Unhinge Your Hamstrings, Glutes and Calfs...Using a a complete "fail safe" system of Strength and Mobility

  • How To Re-mobilise Your shoulders for faster Punches...This One Simple Routines Takes Less Than 60 Seconds

  • ​The '30 Second Rapid-Stretch Rule'...Guaranteeing The Biggest Bang For Your Buck When It Comes to getting head!

  • The #1 Mistake 99% Of Fighters Make When Trying to Increase Kicking Height...And How to Remove 99% Of Stretches From Your Routine And Still Get Breathtaking High Kicks

  • ​Download and Keep 100% Of These Videos Forever

  • ​Invest Once, And it's yours forever!

  • Instant Access To Online System, Available on PC, Tablet or Phone

Can A System Like This Really Exist? You Bet It Can! Just Listen To Other Fighters And Martial Artists That Have Experienced This Programme:

Are These Martial Artists Any Different to you? They're all fighters in the 30-45 range who recently started back martial arts after taking many years off (Most due to children and marriage)
The only thing they did was put their doubts aide, and committed to 15 minutes per day for a total of 30 days. If You can too, take the challenge for the next 30 days, and enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life

I'm Also Going To Give You 13 Free Bonuses (Value £334)

The Kicking Masterclass Series (Value £114)

Now that you've developed your new found flexibility and Mobility, I want to make sure you've got all the tools to master your kicks. So I'm going to include My 'Kicking Masterclass' Video Series - Completely Free Of Charge! (Value £114)
  • Bonus #1 How to Develop a Deadly Front Kick....Drills To Keep Your Opponent at Bay... Always! (Value £19)

  • ​Bonus #2 How to Master Your Side Kick...Techniques to Create a World-Class Side Kick (Value £19)

  • ​Bonus #3 Master Your Round Kick...Techniques to Keep any fighter at bay! (Value £19)

  • Bonus #4 How To Advance Your Axe Kick....Finally Learn How To Land an Axe Kick In Sparring From Any Distance (Value £19)

  • ​Bonus #5 How To Consistently Land Hard, Head-High Hook Kicks...Drills and Routines To Develop Head High Hook Kicks That Land Consistently (Value £19)

  • Bonus #6 ​Upgrade Your Spinning Kick....Techniques And Tricks That Speed up and Sharpen Your Spinning Kick (Value £19)

Bonus #7 - The PERFECT 10 Minute Warm Up For Fighters (Value £19)

I'm also going to throw in my Insane 10 Minute Warm up For Fighters. It incorporates Mobility, Flexibility, Strength Balance and of course - Dreaded Cardio

Bonus #8 - 15 Essential Stretches For Head High Kicks (Value £19)

Get Detailed Written Breakdowns of Each Routine, So You Can really drill them into your routine and use them whenever you need to

Bonus #9 - EXCLUSIVE Training Content From Mittmaster Matt.. (Value £47)

Over 10000 Students Have enrolled in some of Matts online courses - And since he's a friend, Matt Has kindly put together a striking Bundle Exclusively For This programme... That you can't get anywhere else!

Bonus #10 - EXCLUSIVE Content From World Champion Dave Breed (Value £47)

A really close friend of mine, Dave is currently putting something special together for you... He's trained over 15 World Champions, and Is BY FAR one of the best coaches in the U.K
  • ​Bonus #11... How to Create a Killer Climbing Kick...Training Systems and Tips For a Crazy-Cool Climbing Kick (Value £19)

  • Bonus #12... How to Speed up and Grasp The Inside Spinning Crescent Kick Kick...My Simple 3 Step System To Successfully Mastering the Inside Spinning Crescent Kick (Value £19)

  • ​Bonus #13...How to Attack on the Retreat...Rules for Striking Whilst Moving Backwards (£28 Value)

You'll Also Get a 60 Day, Automatic 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here's How It Works: Get Instant Access To The Flexibility For Fighters System Using The Button Below. Spend an entire 60 days using it, trying it out for yourself. If at any point you decide you don't want it, simply email me, and I'll provide a 100% Automatic Refund
Plus, I'll let you keep the entire programme - for free No issue, no bother.
How can I afford to be so generous? Easy — So far, Hundreds of fighters who has experienced the thrill of head high kicks, has been 100% Satisfied with programme. So far, I've only given a total of 9 refunds.
Just Think About Your Sparring Partners Noe. The look on their face when they see the power, speed and accuracy of your kicks. That'll make your sparring partner think twice, Wont it? You bet it would. And you have absolutely nothing to lose with this super generous money-back guarantee!
So, This is it. Use the button below to get your no obligation, Instantly Accessible Flexibility For Fighters System, With all 13 bonus gifts free or charge. And Watch As You Begin To Kick Effortlessly In Less than 30 Days. I Look forward to seeing you in there.

The Flexibility For Fighters System

Only £93 ($129)

*NEW* Split Payment Option - Just 2 Payments of £47($65)
  • Their Round Kick Height Had Increased By Up to 300% (And You should've seen the look of fear in their sparring partners eyes when amazement)

  • They Saw Speed in Their kicks they hadn't seen since Their Late-teens! (Although they could spring a kick up before, now they could control every motion throughout their strike)

  • They Saw Accuracy That Caused Them To Consistently Land When They Saw An Opening (No Longer would they stand and hesitate - worrying that they would be too slow or stiff)

  • Plus Incredibly...

Flexibility for Fighters

  • 1

    Flexibility for Fighters

    • Day 1- Lower Body Flexibility

    • Day 2- Lower Body Mobility

    • Day 3- Functional Kicking Strength

    • Day 4- Upper Body Mobility And Flexibility

    • Day 5- Hip Mobility

    • Day 6 - Ballistic Stretching

    • Day 7- Long Hold Strecthes

    • Day 8- Hip Mobility And Recovery

    • Day 9- Isometric Holds

    • Day 10- Upper Body Flexibility

    • Day 11- Recovery and Extras

    • Day 12- Functional Kicking Strength #2

    • Day 14 - Calves, Chest, And Everything in between

    • Day 13 - Glutes, Hips and Legs

    • Day 15 - Groin and Hips

    • Day 16 - Lower Body Flow

    • Day 17 - Loosening Everything Up

    • Day 18 - The Neglected Parts

    • Day 19 - Lower Body Flexibility

    • Day 20 - Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

    • Day 21

    • Day 22- Upper Body Stretch

    • Day 23- Lower Body Stretch

    • Day 24- Functional Kicking Strength Training

    • Day 25 - 10 Minute Comp/Fight Prep

    • Day 26 - Long Lower Body Stretch

    • Day 27 - Ballistic Stretch

    • Day 28 - Functional Full Body Mobility

    • Day 29 - Bob The Broom

    • Day 30 - The Last Day

  • 2

    Bonus Courses

    • The Climbing Kick

    • The Front Kick

    • Straight Punches Moving Backwards

  • 3

    The Secret One

    • Day 31- Time to Train

    • Day 32- Guest Instructor

    • Day 33- Kickboxing Techniques

    • Day 34- Side Kick (Kicking Masterclass 2.0)

    • Day 35 - The Round Kick (Kicking Masterclass 2.0)

    • Day 36 - Front Kick (Kicking Masterclass 2.0)

    • Day 37 - Recovery For Fighters

    • Day 38 - Coach At Home Platinum Day 2

    • Day 39 - Coach At Home Platinum Day 28

    • Day 40 - Coach At Home Platinum Day 30


  • How Many Lessons Are There All Together?

    There's Over 50 Lessons Included In This Programme

  • How Do I Access Them?

    The Next Page Will Ask You To create An Email Address And Password, Then You'll Have Instant Access To All of The Lessons.

  • I'm really inflexible, Will this be too hard?

    I talk you through different variations based on how flexible you are - So no. You'll be able to do it

  • Can I download the videos?

    Yes. All Tutorials are 100% Downloadable and yours to keep - Forever

  • How Do I access My FREE Bonuses, Wort £334?

    Once you've enrolled, You'll find your free bonuses on the enrolment page of your programme